Creating calmer, happier kids

Creating calmer, happier kids

YOGA FLOURISH STUDIO (5/2 Warton Road, Huntingdale) Tuesdays 4pm to 5pm, during term

Riverton Leisureplex Wellness Suite (Calm Kids Yoga, with the City of Canning)

Mondays 4pm to 5pm for 4 to 7 years olds,

5pm to 6pm for 8 to 12 year olds.

Yoga on the Farm (Serpentine) – please see link to their website:

Kids Yoga programs are carefully designed to help children develop the knowledge, understanding and skills to lead healthy, safe and active lives.

three children sitting on floor with one leg extended to the side and leaning with arm overhead into a side stretch

In a fun and safe environment, children will learn tools to manage stress and deal with their emotions, such as mindfulness and meditation. Kids will experience the physical and mental benefits of yoga including improved:

  • flexibility and strength
  • body image
  • emotional regulation
  • concentration and focus
  • relaxation /sleep
  • academic performance

About the program

Each session includes mindfulness and breathing exercises to relax and focus, full body warm up, dynamic and mindful yoga movement sequences incorporating games or teamwork, and relaxation techniques and practice.

Private bookings can be tailored to individuals, families or small groups. This includes families working with Department of Communities or community based organisations.

three children practicing triangle pose with feet apart leaning to the right with one hand on right foot and one hand in the air