Circle of Security Parenting Program ™

Circle of Security Parenting Program ™

Your research-supported guide to a better parent-child connection.

mother and daughter doing family yoga together

Available to parents, grandparents, carers, government and community sector organisations, the Circle of Security Parenting Program ™ is a relationship-based parenting program based on attachment theory.

The program builds parent-child connections through increased understanding of children’s emotional needs. Parents learn to understand their own responses to their children’s needs, and how they can help their child become more emotionally secure.

Children and families become calmer, and family life is more satisfying.

The Circle of Security Parenting Program ™ incorporates aspects of mindfulness – being fully present in the moment (“Being With” as a concept) and not allowing the past to impact on parenting.

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Part of what makes parenting so difficult is that children don’t come with an instruction manual. That’s true, but there is another way to look at it…our children are the instruction manual, because from the moment they’re born, they’re doing their best to tell us what they need.

Much of what we learned about parenting we learned from being parented.  We don’t realise that we are doing something we learned when we were very young.

The Circle in the Circle of Security Program provides a road map for parents, to help parents see what their children really need rather than what they think their children need based on their own history of being parented. The Circle is always in play, and parents can use the Circle to help them determine their child’s needs.

  Securely attached children use their primary caregiver (the hands on the Circle) as a secure base from which to explore their world.

On the top half, children are going out to explore their world. They still need a parent to watch over them, help them, enjoy with them and delight in them. On the bottle half of the Circle, children need their emotional cup topping up, so they need their parent to welcome them coming in, protecting them, comforting them, having their feelings organised for them and, again, to be delighted in.

The Circle of Security helps caregivers identify core emotions and how to help their children learn to regulate their emotions.

The Circle of Security helps caregivers identify their triggers , their “shark music”, that may impact on their responses to their child . An understanding of their own Shark Music and how their own core emotions were dealt with as a child helps them to make choices in the moment to respond differently to their child and to, therefore, promote attachment.

Formula for Security – ALWAYS BE bigger, stronger, wiser and Kind; WHEREVER POSSIBLE follow my child’s need; WHENEVER NECESSARY take charge.

Program Delivery Options

  • 8 week small group program as the lead or co-facilitator of a group of parents, grandparents or carers. Handouts are provided to support understanding of the concepts and audio-visual content.
  • 1:1 programs at home, out of business hours, as required.
  • Professional Development Training in the Circle of Security Parenting Program ™ for staff in government and non-government agencies. Bonus Mindfulness exercises at staff training.